“We’ve Always Done it this Way”

Utter this forbidden phrase at a Domino’s Pizza board meeting and you’ll likely have a pink slip waiting at your desk.

Domino’s Pizza, founded in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, boasts nearly 9,000 franchised locations in all 50 states and 60 countries worldwide.  With 145,000 employees and $1.425 billion in revenue in 2008, why would the nation’s second-largest pizza chain all of a sudden redesign their staple product??  Because Domino’s understands what so many other organizations do not: enduring success means seeking out criticism and innovating accordingly.

Your chapter can emulate Domino’s commitment to innovation too.

Find out what the campus really thinks of your chapter.  Ask around and talk to people you don’t know.  What pops into their heads when they hear “Sigma Nu” and why?

What you do with this information is equally important.  You’ve probably noticed a running theme on this blog: the importance of acknowledging reality.  Will you ignore the criticism or embrace it and do something about it?

Every chapter thinks it has the best brotherhood on campus.  Hearing criticism about your organization can be a hard pill to swallow (how do you think the head chefs at Domino’s felt when critics said their pizza crust tasted like cardboard?).

“Acknowledge reality” is just another way of saying “seek the Truth,” something every Sigma Nu should know something about.

5 thoughts on ““We’ve Always Done it this Way”

  1. John Morris says:

    While I agree with your point, I wish you’d used a different example. The founder of Domino’s founded the Thomas More Law Center, which has filed to repeal the Federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

    A company whose founder promotes hate is hardly a company that should be looked at as an example (although again, I agree with the point you are making – self-reflection is useful but hard).


  2. Don Geiner says:

    I must agree with Mr. Morris Domino’s certainly does not represnet the values of our founding. There would have certainly been a better choice to represent the concept of self evaluation and reflection.

  3. Regan says:

    Be careful what you’re inferring — their founder does promote hate — but he no longer has a relationship with the company. The only relationship that still exists is that he owns the building where they are headquartered. They pay him rent. Dominos does not promote hate. I live in Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor and I know the man who runs the company. He’s pretty great and would never support a message of hate, nor would most of the people working there.

  4. Kevin says:

    It is a sad reality that we now live in a society where the “tolerant” crowd is so intolerant toward anyone that would oppose them that your thoughts and opinion on a matter can be called a “hate crime”.

    Regarding the founder of Domino’s case, the plaintiffs charge that, among other things, “the Hate Crimes Act has the purpose and effect of deterring, inhibiting, and chilling the exercise of fundamental rights by persons, including Plaintiffs, who publicly oppose homosexual activism, the homosexual lifestyle, and the homosexual agenda, which seeks to normalize intrinsically disordered sexual behavior that is contrary to the moral law and harmful to the common good of society. Supporters of the homosexual agenda seek to demonize, vilify, and criminalize deeply held religious beliefs that are in opposition to their agenda.”

    I have friends and relatives that are gay. They know I oppose homosexuality, but we still love and respect one another. I also think abortion is a bad idea. Will I be charged with a hate crime for my thoughts and opinion on that matter? I think the end-game of those people promoting this hate crime legislation would like to see every bible burned and every church closed down. I will defend my right to freedom of speech at any cost. If that means I’m intolerant – so be it. How ironic the very people who promote tolerance are the very ones trying to strip us of our freedoms. Sad.

    What’s not sad is the excellent work the fraternity is doing to promote leadership and operational excellence through Facebook and the many other publications. Sigma Nu is truly a leader of the Greek world and I’m proud to be a part of our winning team. Love, Truth , Honor.

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