Where do Stereotypes Come From? Your Actions.

Hard-hitting blog post over at AFLV.  Here’s an excerpt:

Here we go again.  Another death at another fraternity house.  Another headline telling the world that what we do as members of the fraternity/sorority community is drink.  Drink a lot, in fact.  We love our alcohol so much that we watch our friends kill themselves – and many times we’ve even provided the smoking gun.

I’m tired of hearing the retort “but we do so much good!  It isn’t fair!  They only cover the bad stuff!  The press is out to get us!”  The last I checked, what they do is their job.  It’s their job to find those things that are out of sync and report them to the public.  And anytime an incident as mentioned above occurs, it is clearly out of sync with our stated values as organizations.

The media might perpetuate stereotypes, but they sure don’t create them.  We do.

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