Is It Time to Lower the Drinking Age?

This video is an excellent primer on the drinking age debate:

The original page provides links to articles and organizations both for and against lowering the drinking age.

2 thoughts on “Is It Time to Lower the Drinking Age?

  1. Benjamin Riegger says:

    i do believe the age should be lowered and at the end of this film that guy made no sense what so ever. He was basically just restricteing his converstion just to drunk driving. the thing should be if we have drinking age at 18 they go to bar, you grab every1’s keys before they enter, mark the dd and yea.. but that is just me, i’m a man who would like to see it go down, not jsut ofr myself but liek the bartender ssaid old enough to serve and die, old enough to drink.

  2. Ian Frenzel says:

    At 18 you can vote, pay taxes and go to war and fight for your country… why can’t you have a beer. Change it to 19 and get Mothers Against Drunk Driving away from the court houses. MADD is a hypocritical group that obviously doesn’t know the culture of the American Youth of today.

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