“The military hazes so why can’t we?”

By Drew Logsdon (Western Kentucky)

This a great time to discuss this topic as Discovery Channel launches one of their newest shows “Surviving the Cut.” The premise is to show the entry training process for elite units within the United States Armed Forces such as US Navy SEALS, Air Force Pararescue, and Marine Corps Recon. The reason I bring this up is because if you have ever seen the show (or experienced said training) then by Sigma Nu’s and many other standards many of these activities would be hazing if they were taking place in any other setting. But here we come to the difference between mentally breaking down a Marine and mentally breaking down a new member in a college or high school organization.

The military does this sort of training for a specific reason: Because these men and women may die if they don’t. Others may die if they don’t. Lives are at stake. Why does an instructor scream at someone going through the excruciating BUD/S training for Navy SEALS? It’s because those individuals have to be able to act competently under severe stress and harsh conditions. It’s not for personal enjoyment. Instructors do not laugh, and some may even argue they rarely smile. The military is creating a system similar to new member education in one regard. It’s a training process.

New member education programs should train new members to become amazing actives who can act competently and intelligently. Does this require tests of physical ability or mental/psychological breakdown activities? Absolutely not. Why? Because lives are not at stake. I didn’t join my chapter with the intent to enter combat and certainly not with the intent that lives would hang in the balance from my daily decisions. I don’t need to perform physical exercises or be psychologically abused to run an effective organization, balance a budget, or implement the LEAD Program.

So stop your mindless acts of sadism. If I use harsh words it’s because they’re aimed at harsh people. Whenever anyone uses this excuse they offend the United States Armed Forces past and present. The military trains. You haze. As many rappers would say, “Don’t get it twisted.”

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