3 Quick Tips for LEAD Facilitators

A successful LEAD program relies on members, particularly the LEAD chairman, understanding the difference between presenting and facilitating.

Presenting is one-way, it’s boring and it doesn’t lend itself to engaging LEAD sessions.

Facilitating, on the other hand, takes participants through a process. It’s fosters participation and conversation in place of a traditional lecture.

In this short post, Harvard Business Review offers 3 simple ways to increase participation at your next meeting (or LEAD session):

  1. Don’t dominate. This not only gives others less time to speak up but also conveys that only your ideas are important. Let at least three people speak before you
    talk again.
  2. Be positive. Demonstrate that all ideas are valuable by restating important points. Thank people who are usually reticent for their comments.
  3. Ask directly. To get input from everyone, ask each person for their thoughts. Don’t do it in a confrontational way. Try, “Do you have anything to share?”

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