“We can’t just let anyone into the chapter.”

Just a few of our favorite responses to today’s #40Answers hazing excuse:

@KeithEllis02: “A bid is an invitation to join, not an invitation to be hazed. Make better decisions on the front end not 6 weeks into pledging.”

@bgibson27: “We can’t let just anybody in.” Doing pushups, tolerating yelling, memorizing your interests. Quality new members there…

@David_Stollman: “If u REALLY believe in hazing, promote that u do it & stop lying! Then see who joins. I dare u. At least ur not hypocrites then.”

@KPezzella: “A well-articulated recruitment plan and training for your chapter will ensure that you get quality new members without hazing.”

@TJatCAMPUSPEAK: “Challenge hasn’t been to keep the unworthy out. It’s getting the worthy in & they have better things to do than tolerate hazing.”

@SigmaNuDrew: “Riiiight. Who needs grades and character when we can have a chapter full of people with good memory and no self-worth.”

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One thought on ““We can’t just let anyone into the chapter.”

  1. Randi Taylor, Universitiy of Louisiana at Lafayette says:

    I believe hazing is wrong and that is is never okay to engage in it. While it may seem harmless to some, it can be harmful to the pledges. Instead of hazing, chapters should focus on getting to know their prospective members. They could start forming a bond whether is be for their sisterhood or brotherhood by having an Odyssey experience.

    Theta Xi Chapter
    Delta Sigma Theta

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