LEAD Myths & Misconceptions

By Director of Leadership Development Scott Smith

The keys to success for any local LEAD programming initiative are to make it relevant and accommodating to the specific chapter.  Above all, the LEAD Program is a tool to increase chapter performance, brotherhood, ethical leadership, and the overall member experience.  That being said, the old adage, “if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail,” definitely applies to LEAD.  A skilled consultant, LEAD Chairman, or advisor knows that LEAD is more than a hammer and uses the program to achieve various goals and to meet almost any specific need or circumstance.

The following is a list of common myths and misconceptions that chapters, students, and alumni often hold about the LEAD Program.

  1. LEAD doesn’t work – it won’t make me or my chapter any better.  Part 1 – LEAD as a tool for making the chapter better
  2. LEAD doesn’t work – it won’t make me or my chapter any better.  Part 2 – LEAD as a tool for making individual members better
  3. LEAD is for Sigma Nu ONLY
  4. LEAD Chairmen and Committee members should serve as facilitators
  5. Phases and Sessions are numbered and must be implemented and presented in that order
  6. For it to count as LEAD it has to follow the facilitator guidance notes exactly 
  7. LEAD Phase III is hard to implement
  8. It doesn’t count as LEAD if the event includes anything other than the LEAD session
  9. LEAD is basically another lecture every week/month (it takes too much time)
  10. LEAD is all theory and has no real-world application
  11. LEAD can’t go on a resume or be discussed in a job interview
  12. Hard copy LEAD manuals are better than the new online sessions.
  13. LEAD is mandatory
  14. LEAD covers very basic information
  15. Got LEAD? There’s a session for that

Over the next few weeks we will address each of these myths and misconceptions here at the blog. We’ll explain why each myth doesn’t hold up, and we’ll provide the tools to push past the excuses and implement an effective and enjoyable LEAD Program.

Part of your job as a member of Sigma Nu (collegian, alumnus, officer, advisor, LEAD participant, or otherwise) is knowing that these are just that, myths and misconceptions, and effectively addressing them with chapters.

Help us out by following along and adding your own thoughts and responses in the comments section below.

If you have additional myths, misconceptions, or questions that you would like us to address then feel free to add those in the comments section as well.

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