LEAD Myths and Misconceptions – Part 1

This post is part of a larger series to address the most common myths, misconceptions, and excuses that chapters and members have regarding the LEAD Program.  Follow the entire conversation and get caught up on each of the issues we are addressing by clicking here.

  1. LEAD doesn’t work – it won’t make me or my chapter any better.  Part 1 – LEAD as a tool for making the members and chapter better.

This is probably our favorite myth.  Maybe that’s because refuting it is so basic to helping chapters and members buy into the program.

One of the best ways to prove the utility of the program is to consider what your chapter already does, where it would like to improve, and what types of experiences, knowledge, skills, and abilities it would like for its members to have at some key points during their membership.

For example answer the following questions either on your own or with a group of chapter members and/or advisors.

  • Candidates – List all of the things that you feel Candidates should learn, gain, and experience as part of the candidate education program.  What should they know, be able to do, and have gained experience in by the time they become Knights?
  •  Officers – List all of the things chapter officers need to know and be able to do and be effective in their positions.  What skills, information, and experience do they need?
  • Graduates – List all of the skills and information you feel seniors should learn by the time they are ready to graduate.  What should they have learned in order to be successful?

Made your lists?  Great, now compare that to the session topics and objectives covered by the LEAD Program.  Without fail those lists will be almost entirely covered directly by whole or partial sessions or simply as a result of participating in LEAD.  Don’t believe us?  Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Here are some obvious responses for each of the questions above and the corresponding LEAD sessions that cover the knowledge, skill, or ability desired.

  • Officers
    • Goal setting and strategic planning experience – All Chapter LEAD sessions on Goal Setting and Strategic Planning
    • How to conduct an officer transition and knowledge of their position – All Chapter LEAD session on Officer Transitions
    • Delegation skills – All Chapter LEAD session on Delegation
    • How to run meetings and effective committees – All Chapter LEAD session on Effective Meetings
    • Fraternity policy and risk management – Phase I session on Risk Reduction

These are just a few examples but you probably get the idea.  We are confident that more than 75% of each of the lists you came up with are explicitly covered within the LEAD Program.

The question now is, if these lists truly express our desires and intended outcomes for these key stages of membership AND the LEAD Program represents a key tool we can easily use to achieve all or nearly all of the things on our lists, why wouldn’t we use LEAD?

Hopefully we will be able to answer your remaining questions and break down any additional barriers to your chapter and members utilizing LEAD in the remainder of our posts.

If you have additional questions or concerns that you would like for us to tackle please add them in the comments section below.

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