Incorporate LEAD with other chapter events to avoid over-programming

This post is part of a larger series to address the most common myths, misconceptions, and excuses that chapters and members have regarding the LEAD Program.  Follow the entire conversation and get caught up on each of the issues we are addressing by clicking here.

Myth 8.      It doesn’t count as LEAD if the event includes anything other than the LEAD session.

Chapters are encouraged to incorporate LEAD into their regular operations and events.  Doing so will help the chapter and members to see the benefits of the program and also combat the notion that LEAD is some sort of “fraternity class” or lecture series.  In reality, LEAD should relate directly to the experience of its members, be applicable in the chapter, the classroom, on campus, on the job, and after graduation.

Chapters and members are over-programmed and over-scheduled as it is.  Adding another weekly or monthly meeting on top of class, work, studying, extracurriculars, and other fraternity events can be too much.

When possible, and appropriate, LEAD can easily be worked into other events.  It is possible to add a LEAD element to nearly any type of chapter activity, essentially accomplishing two tasks at one time.

Examples of this include:

  • Recruitment – Help the chapter spread its name on campus, introduce other students to something unique about the chapter, and seal the deal with prospects through opening up and targeting specific sessions to a diverse audience.
    • Invite potential members to participate in one or more Phase I sessions with current candidates.
    • Host one or more sessions (from any phase) in a dormitory.
      • Invite all residents and post flyers announcing the session.
      • Use a sign-in sheet and add attendees to the chapter’s Master Prospect List.
      • Make an announcement at the beginning and/or end of the session explaining the LEAD Program and the role it plays in Sigma Nu.
      • Host a session on campus during welcome week.  Work with orientation staff to pick the time and venue and advertise the event.  Suggested sessions include: Time Management, Stress Management, Scholarship, and Campus Involvement, among others.
  • Social – incorporate an educational element with a highly interactive LEAD session mixed into a member date, mixer, or semi-formal event.
    • The All Chapter LEAD session on etiquette can easily take the form of an etiquette dinner.
    • Phase IV’s session on Networking could serve as a mixer with seniors (or the entire membership) of a sorority.

The truth is that college students are over-programmed and over-committed as it is.  LEAD shouldn’t be just one more thing to add to your calendar and list of responsibilities.  Whenever possible the chapter should take advantage of opportunities to incorporate LEAD into existing events and plans.  Vice versa, don’t be afraid to add a social, brotherhood, operational, or recruitment element into LEAD.

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