Using LEAD is your choice

LEAD Myths & Misconceptions – Part 13

This post is part of a larger series to address the most common myths, misconceptions, and excuses that chapters and members have regarding the LEAD Program.  Follow the entire conversation and get caught up on each of the issues we are addressing by clicking here.

Myth  13.      LEAD is mandatory

If I don’t do LEAD does that mean I’m not a member of Sigma Nu? No.

If my chapter doesn’t do LEAD will we be closed? No.

Can LEAD have a negative impact on me? No.

LEAD was designed to better all our members and make them better men. To give our members the means to be successful throughout college and long there after.

Not participating in LEAD doesn’t mean that you aren’t a member but it very likely means that you didn’t get the full experience of what Sigma Nu is about.

Sigma Nu highly encourages all of its members to participate in LEAD because it can help develop every member to be a better person. Individually it is not mandatory in any way but definitely highly encouraged.

As a chapter it’s important to understand that although you won’t be shut down for not utilizing LEAD it can greatly affect your performance in Pursuit of Excellence. To be an excellent chapter means that the chapter operates at a very high level. Without utilizing what LEAD can offer and what our members pay for means that the chapter is obviously not operating anywhere near this level.

Do you want to be excellent? DO LEAD.

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