LEAD answers the “why”

This post is part of a larger series to address the most common myths, misconceptions, and excuses that chapters and members have regarding the LEAD Program.  Follow the entire conversation and get caught up on each of the issues we are addressing by clicking here.

 Myth 14.      LEAD covers very basic information

In order to dispel this myth we must first have a common understanding of what exactly is considered “basic information.”

Basic information is intuitive and common knowledge (e.g. “the sky is blue”).

Topics such as leadership, ethics, and values may be considered as common knowledge.

However, LEAD takes an in-depth look at these topics and educates the participant to have a deeper understanding. When talking about basic information it just skims the surface while LEAD takes you to the next level.

Going in depth is what LEAD is based upon.

LEAD gives you the ability to answer the why.

Why am I a leader?

Why do I want to live a value-based life?

Why is it important to know how to work in a group?

How can I create effective change?

It gives individuals the tools and resources to teach others beyond the basics.

Basic information is the little things everyone can comprehend. LEAD paints the big picture for a participant to be able to articulate the importance of concepts like ethics, values, and leadership.

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