There’s a session for that

This post is part of a larger series to address the most common myths, misconceptions, and excuses that chapters and members have regarding the LEAD Program.  Follow the entire conversation and get caught up on each of the issues we are addressing by clicking here.

15.      Got LEAD? There’s a session for that.

Everyone is looking for tools to make life easier.  What’s out there that can make this faster, more efficient or effective, and simplify my life?

Fraternity is no different.

Why reinvent the wheel or come up with our own tools when a tested one already exists?

LEAD is a proven effective tool for improving individual members and chapters.

Here are some examples of common chapter issues and the related LEAD sessions that address them.

  • Need to spice up meetings, LEAD sessions, or other events.  Want help in introducing groups to one another.  Looking for retreat activity ideas.

Next time you run into a problem, want to address an issue, or are looking to implement change, ask yourself, “is there a LEAD session for that?”  Chances are very good that there is.


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