How did you feel when you entered the Initiation Room?

I remember my initiation night like it was yesterday.

Initiation was something all the brothers constantly talked about; how it was something they would never forget and how it was one of their most memorable experiences as a Sigma Nu. I quickly realized why that is so true.

The moment I entered the room I was instantly mesmerized by seeing the officers at their stations, seeing the alumni present, seeing all of the candles, and seeing the different symbols hanging on the wall. During candidacy, the main goal was to become a Knight of The Legion of Honor. Now it was finally happening.

A sense of joy was overcoming me and it was incredible to finally learn all of our secrets. I was so excited during the ceremony that I did not fully grasp all of the secrets that the officers were telling me.

It was also incredible to see alumni there – to show that Sigma Nu is not just something you do during your college years, but a lifelong commitment.

Going through the ceremony, seeing my candidate brothers going through it with me, seeing all the chapter officers participate, and seeing the alumni participate in it made that experience one of the most memorable I have had in Sigma Nu.

//Leadership Consultant Marcus Dufour (Southern Mississippi)

One thought on “How did you feel when you entered the Initiation Room?

  1. Taylor Cannon says:

    As a brother from the same chapter as Mr,Dufour I felt a sense of accomplishment. It was a feeling of great honor and privlage to be a part of a brotherhood that no matter race,religion,or sexual orniation they men who had the the basic ideals which will make them not
    only great actives but great gentlemen in the “real world”. Taylor Cannon alumni Theta Gamma 476

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