Understanding the True Purpose of Ritual

“There are no offensive or hazing practices involved in a fraternal Initiation.”

This seems like a given statement. I think everyone person in a fraternity or sorority knows this statement to be true.  So I start wondering why would any think the opposite to be true?

Almost every Google search result for “fraternity initiation process” has a reference to hazing.  This is probably because the only time fraternal initiations are heard about is because a group of misguided boys/girls have decided to go against the morals that are taught in the ritual and have added additional requirements to the initiation process.

The real initiation ceremony has nothing to do with childish activities; rather, it’s about teaching members to be men and women of values and ethics.

Hopefully over this week all Greek members will review their Ritual to make sure their actions are in line with the teachings of their initiation ceremony.

//Leadership Consultant Joseph Ditto (Alabama in Huntsville)


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