It Isn’t Just Semantics

VMI cadets reenact Sigma Nu's founding during the 2010 College of Chapters in Lexington.

Huffington Post contributor Ellesha LeCluyse has a bone to pick with the media’s use of “frat” over “fraternity.”

I know that trying to change the general public’s perception of Greek life is a completely different ballgame, but the connotations associated with the word frat are all too often negative and should be avoided.

Being a part of a fraternity or a sorority is a very meaningful experience. Fraternities are colonized based on values and ethics that their members try to live up to a hundred years after their founding.

Media portrayal of Greeks is rather poor. In order to give credit to organizations that are run by students to enhance their own college experience and have an impact on the world around them, an extremely positive step would be to call fraternities by their actual name.

Read Ms. LeCluyse’s full commentary here.

For a previous breakdown of “frat” vs. “fraternity” click here.

And, finally, see the Generating Positive Press resource for ways your chapter can increase coverage of major events and milestones.


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