7 Higher Education Stories to Watch in 2013

The University of Wisconsin, Madison announced last week a new program to award knowledge-based bachelor’s degrees that require no formal coursework.

As we’ve noted many times before, the major issues facing higher education — rising costs, degree inflation, lower job prospects — will make fraternities more relevant as students (and their parents) seek to squeeze as much value as possible from their college experience. Here are seven stories we’ve been following that could have a major impact on fraternities and sororities.

1. Faced with budget shortfalls, 38 states and counting have cut higher education spending, according to The Atlantic.

2. University of Wisconsin, Madison is experimenting with a program that awards bachelor’s degrees based on knowledge instead of coursework or credit hours.

3. A record 30% of Americans 25 or older have bachelor’s degrees, according to GOOD magazine.

4. More and more jobs are requiring bachelor’s degrees that did not as recently as five years ago.

5. San Jose State joins a growing list of universities offering free online classes for credit.

6. In case you haven’t heard, the cost of a college degree has skyrocketed and shows no sign of slowing down.

7. Is the cost of a college education still worth the price tag?

Bonus: ‘The Looming Higher Education Bubble‘ (The Delta, winter 2012 issue)

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