Working for Sigma Nu

Interview with Leadership Consultant Bill Morosco (Florida)


Bill leading a group discussion at the 2013 College of Chapters in St. Louis.

Why did you want to join the staff team?

First off, I wanted to give back. I can give all the credit for all the leadership skills and personal development that I learned in college to Sigma Nu and I felt that it just wasn’t  right to take all that experience from Sigma Nu without giving back in some way.

Second, I hold the deep notion that Sigma Nu and the values it stands for is one of the greatest organizations in the world, and I wanted to continue to spread its message across the country. Lastly, I just wanted to travel. Growing up in South Florida my whole life, I had never seen snow, never been to the West Coast, and never been west of the Mississippi. So this was a golden opportunity to work for a great organization and explore the country that I love. Now I can say, I’ve walked the same campus my father graduated from (Kansas State University), got my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean (It’s much colder than the Atlantic, by the way) and got in a snowball fight in Salt Lake City.

What is it like working for Sigma Nu?

Working for Sigma Nu is like working for the Fraternity All-Star team. The staff is filled with great guys who know what they stand for, get great work done and still take the time to have a great brother-to-brother relationship with you. If you want to join an organization where you will continue to develop your values, develop as a person and develop lifelong friendships with your colleagues, you should apply for Sigma Nu staff.

How has working for Sigma Nu contributed to your professional development?

Sigma Nu was my first “real” job and it has been a great one. As a Leadership Consultant, I make my own schedule on the road and at the end of the day, whether I succeed or fail all comes down to my actions. So I’ve certainly developed first rate communication skills, time management skills, independence, professional etiquette, problem solving and organizational skills.

What about personal development? What have you learned about yourself?

Being on the road by yourself three months in a row can certainly seem like a scary task. But as in all great journeys, you really get to know your company. For me, that has been really getting to know and understand myself. I’ve grown as a person, a friend, a son, a brother, a boyfriend and I can certainly say that I am better person today than I was before I joined Sigma Nu Staff. I’ve gotten to find the things that really make me happy and have added a new direction to my life and  what I want to do for the rest of it, which is something I don’t think I would have ever realized with any other job after college.

What have been some of your favorite moments as a member of the staff team?

Some of my favorite moments have been summer training and meeting the rest of my new “candidate class.” Just like the candidates I was initiated into this great fraternity with, I’m sure they will continue to be great friends to me throughout our lives. I got to see my first Grand Chapter this past summer in Dallas; meeting alumni from all over the country and all different walks of life has really enriched my experience on staff. Overall, the sightseeing on the road has just been breathtaking. I’ve driven the Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, and the Golden Gate Bridge;  seen the Grand Canyon, the lights of Los Angeles and San Francisco; climbed two mountains, threw my first snowballs, and got to come out of retirement to play a few more games of intramural sports.

What have been your favorite places to visit through working for Sigma Nu?

Being a young man, one of the coolest parts of this great adventure in my life has been the opportunity to visit places I might want to live and places I might not want to live in the future. I’ll spare you the list of the places that didn’t make the cut, but my favorite places to visit have been the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo California; Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas and Amarillo, Texas, and of course, The Rock in the Lexington, Virginia.

Interested in applying to join the staff team in Lexington? Visit the Employment page for more info.

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