Working for Sigma Nu

Interview with Director of Financial Operations Justin Wenger (William Jewell)


Justin facilitating a breakout session at the 2009 College of Chapters in Lexington.

Why did you want to join the staff team?

A chapter brother of mine worked for the General Fraternity staff during my senior year.  He and another staff member came to our campus and conducted a multi-day workshop to help us identify areas for improvement and to begin establishing a strategic plan.  That experience opened my eyes to how much of an impact the staff could have on a chapter and the organization.

What is it like working for Sigma Nu?

The work environment at Sigma Nu is second to none.  Sure, there are times when you’re frustrated, and you don’t always agree with your colleagues, but that’s the case in all work environments.  What sets Sigma Nu apart is the “open door” mindset of everyone.  If you’ve got an idea, or a question, there’s always someone willing to discuss it and challenge you too.  One thing’s for sure, working on this team requires you to bring your best every day.

How has working for Sigma Nu contributed to your professional development?

In a word, experience.  I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a number of roles/positions with the staff.  I started as a consultant and quickly became adept at connecting with a vast array of people and situations.  As a director, I’ve had the opportunity to oversee and manage educational projects and programs, some of them originating from a basic conversation with co-workers or constituents.  Today, I work with our constituents and our staff more on the business side of fraternity (i.e. budgeting, cash management, etc.).  I don’t think there are very many employers that provide for such growth in their employees so quickly.

What about personal development? What have you learned about yourself?

Having the opportunity to participate in athletics in school, I thought I was well prepared to handle pressure situations, and I was, but I found another level of focus that I can call on when needed.  I’ve also found the work to be very gratifying and have a better appreciation for the little things in Sigma Nu because it all comes together in a bigger picture.  I think about the first line of our mission statement, “To develop ethical leaders.” Can it get much better than that?

What have been some of your favorite moments as a member of the staff team?

Honestly, there are too many to name, but I think they can all be surmised in the conversations and interactions I have with my co-workers.  As a staff member, you’re not only a member of the Fraternity, but you also live it…every day.  That naturally leads to a lot of pretty personal conversations with your co-workers and pretty soon you realize that these people are more than just “co-workers.”

What have been your favorite places to visit through working for Sigma Nu?

Again, there are a lot!  As a consultant, I got to see parts of the U.S. that I never would have imagined visiting.  I should probably play the politics and say I’ve enjoyed every place I’ve been, but I’d say my “favorite” places have been Charleston, SC, Laramie, WY, and Austin, TX.

Interested in applying to join the staff team in Lexington? Visit the Employment page for more info.

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