The Delta of Sigma Nu – Fall 2013

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“I love you guys. I’m sorry about everything.”
After his son’s suicide Don Hooton (Louisiana-Lafayette) began to raise awareness over the use of steroids among America’s youth. Today the family’s foundation is partnered with multiple professional sports leagues, including MLB, NFL and NHL.

Illuminating a Path
Bill Courtney’s (Mississippi) experience coaching an inner-city Memphis high school football team is discovered by two directors who chronicle the team’s trials in the Oscar-winning sports documentary Undefeated.

Entrepreneur at Heart
His company Cal American Homes was recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. last year, but not before Jessie Rodriguez (Cal Poly Pomona) lost everything to get there.

A Leader Among Legends
NBA Hall of Famer Pat Riley (Kentucky) is the only athlete in American sports to win championships as a player, coach and team executive. Last June Riley solidified his NBA legend status after winning his 9th NBA Finals championship ring.

“It was horrific. It was a war zone.”
By the time footage of a horrific tornado reached the airwaves, Brothers from three different chapters in Oklahoma were already leading the rebuilding effort in their communities. Within days they were receiving supplies from other Sigma Nu chapters from around the country.


From the Editor
The story behind the story.

New at
The latest resources and information available at the fraternity’s website.

Readers respond to the summer issue featuring Arizona Diamondbacks Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick (West Virginia).

Updates From Lexington

Chapter News
Dispatches from around the country.

Alumni News

A new book by psychologist Meg Jay explains why 30 is not the new 20. Plus the latest titles by Sigma Nu authors.

Award Winners
The full list of 2013 collegiate and alumni award winners.

Perspectives on Our Past
Grand Historian Bob McCully (San Diego State) chronicles the stories of Sigma Nu’s Medal of Honor recipients.

An ant colony goes house-hunting.

Past Regent and Educational Board President Joe Gilman (Morehead State/Georgia) talks ethical leadership, effective meetings, and the relevance of fraternities in the ever changing landscape of higher education.

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3 thoughts on “The Delta of Sigma Nu – Fall 2013

  1. Maury D. Gaston says:

    Another excellent edition of the best fraternity magazine in the industry!

  2. Bruce nordstrom says:

    Impossible to get in and open anything—-a loyal but disappointed Sigma Nu Bruce Nordstrom Gamma Psi Syracuse. class of 1963

  3. Carl Berry says:

    Just Excellent, both hard and electronic copies. Congrats

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