Why I Kept My Candidate Pin

By Matt Miller (Mount Union)

I have kept my candidate pin on my backpack since the day I first received it. Having it there reminds me I’m still learning and it brings back what I learned when I first joined Sigma Nu. My candidate education period showed me that I didn’t know the answers to every question and it helped me feel comfortable approaching brothers.

The counsel and instruction I received from older brothers and alumni has proven to be invaluable and has helped shape who I am. The candidate pin represents so much more than just my time as a candidate; it represents a lifelong commitment to learning about the world around you.

Ritual_sword and bibleCandidate education is an important time for members of Sigma Nu. Most of the knowledge about our Fraternity is learned during this period and it lays the foundation for brotherhood. This period of time is when a destination is set and the candidate gets to deicide, with the help of his fellow chapter brothers, on what path he should take to get there; the inspiration for making a difference in Sigma Nu is set forth during candidacy.

This journey that we take part in with our chapter brothers gives us the confidence and tools necessary for achieving lifelong excellence. We never stop using the skills attained during the candidate process and we are constantly looking for ways to serve others, the same ambition we had as candidates of Sigma Nu.

Sigma Nu is a lifelong experience and the Fraternity needs lifelong brothers. We promised during the initiation ceremony to pledge our lives to honor. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this.

NRCW_2013Community service is one such way we can continuously learn about ourselves and others. By acting out the values of our Fraternity through service, we learn about the ones we offer our time to. The LEAD Program also gives us a chance to listen to one another and develop ourselves. Reflecting on The Ritual can remind us of the oath we all took. Listen to the words the next time you sit through the initiation ceremony and think about their significance. Connecting with alumni and hearing their experience, stories, and thoughts about their Sigma Nu journey can help us develop as men.

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on what that candidate pin means to us, and how much more we all still have to learn on our journey.

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