A Fraternal Creed and Personal Conviction

The following is a reprinted essay written by David W. Stockmeier (Old Dominion). Brother Stockmeier wrote this essay as part of an educational leadership services class that was taught by past Sigma Nu Greek Advisor of the Year Mindy Sopher. Upon reading the essay, Sopher sent it to past Executive Director Mo Littlefield (Maine) for review and archiving. Stockmeier’s essay is an adaptation of The Creed of Sigma Nu and expounds upon his own personal convictions.

Love, Honor, & Truth

The Rock Spring

To Believe In The Life of Love.

This is the beginning of the rest of our life. The friends that are made now will be the most important and most influential of our lives. Although the roads we choose may be different, the friendships we start now will be with us through our last day on this earth. To realize that God our God is the stabilizing factor of our life and our world. We will strive to make a home, however simple and safe. In this home we shall strive to love the wife, and the family that we have made. HOH Creed

To remember with reverence the deed and the person that was our brother in this quest but has since left us behind. We shall remember him for the good man he was and forget the wrongs which he may have committed. To do unto our brother that which we would have him do unto us. This will be done without regard to his race, religion, or origin, as none of these diminish the person. To have our lives follow the ways of gentleness, justice and mercy. All of these being the true qualities which the Knight shall exalt. And so to be true to the Knighthood of Love.

To Walk In The Way of Honor.

To ennoble the basic ideals of right. To recognize the noble impulse and so to recognize the very heart of wrong. To so fully understand the wrong in ourselves that our honest word need be the only foundation worthy of building upon. It is upon this foundation that we will not fall prey to the evil lust for power but be satisfied with the knowledge that we lived as we should. This life being the manifestation of our oath to hold our honor dearer than our life.

HOF CreedIt is from this belief that we realize, without honor we are nothing and not worth the life we are given. With this ideal in our heart we shall judge our fellow man on his character and look away from his past. It is the man himself that we will deal with and not the bewildered ideas of some hateful prejudice. And so to be loyal to the Knighthood of Honor.

To Serve In Light of Truth.

To open our minds to the glory of the world around us so that we may fully appreciate that which comes from our God. We shall avoid at all cost the blindness that afflicts the bigots and dishonorable in the world. It is only after we have freed ourselves of this disease that we can accept others for what they are and not what we think they should be.

We shall hold silent toward the brother who practices a religion that is not ours. The one God is deserved of the multitude of worshipers and it will not be our place to judge the form of worship. The brother that sees differently than us shall never be held in contempt but rather be looked upon as an equal. He shall be deserving of the same compassion and dignity that we feel we deserve. To look upon these differences as part of the divine whole. The perfect bliss and happiness that we strive toward is composed of these various parts.

To honor the institution at which we are enlightened. It is here that we find our true selves as well as gain a better understanding of the world. The world around us is opened to our blind eyes so that we may fully appreciate the wonders of life. To stand guard at the gate of humanity and act as protector. We shall assure that oppression falls upon no poor soul. The watch which we hold shall be for the good of all for it is our assumed duty to help mankind. Every man shall be entitled to a life full of joy and fulfillment, it is to this end that we shall fight. Reception Creed

For as long as we are capable of changing the plight of the downtrodden and yet do not act, we too shall be counted as down. There are present in the world the forces which will try to keep us from our mission, however we shall not be overcome. It is the duty of every Knight to help his fellow man to better not only by himself but the world around.

It is to this end that we fight, for it is the truth that we hold dear to our hearts that will save us from the evil that is present everywhere. And so to be faithful to the Knighthood of Truth.

To Believe In The Life of Love, To Walk In The Way of Honor, To Serve In The Light of Truth,  – This Is The Life, The Way, And Light of Sigma Nu – This Is The Creed For My Life.

David W. Stockmeier

January 31, 1990

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