Reader Responses

Readers response to the Fall 2013 issue featuring Bill Courtney and the Undefeated documentary.


Another excellent edition of the best fraternity magazine in the industry!

-Maury Gaston (Auburn)

Just Excellent, both hard and electronic copies. Congrats

-Carl Berry (Idaho)

Rebuilding Moore

Rebuilding Moore spread

When I received the call for materials I  began raising money from my weekly poker table, neighbors, and all five of my kids. I contacted the local chapter (Cal State Fullerton), and despite being on summer break they put me in contact with a recent alumnus who happened to be the assistant manager of a nearby Home Depot. He arranged for a 50% discount on necessary supplies, including eight full “Elmer Pails” and two 5-gallon water coolers full of gloves, trash bags, eye protection, and first aid kits that were then shipped to the chapters involved with tornado relief. I can see the chapters in Oklahoma put them to good use.

My point is it took valuable time and was not really enough. If each chapter were to assemble four pails with the materials the brothers from Oklahoma recommend Sigma Nu could put over 100 pails in the hands of the local chapters within a few days of any disaster. A little coordination can have a big impact on the next big disaster.

-Jerry Schulte (UCLA)

Perspectives on Our Past: Valor in Action

Valor in Action spread

Wonderful story about wonderful men of a wonderful generation by a wonderful author and Grand Historian!

-Maury Gaston (Auburn)

Another great job by Bob!

-Marshall Napper (Louisiana Tech)

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