The Delta of Sigma Nu – Spring 2014

Table of Contents

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College of Chapters

A photo essay captures the College of Chapters experience.

Finding the Scoop in Sochi
Drew Bogs (Ball State) earned the opportunity of a lifetime covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi with his Ball State journalism program.

The Olympic Fangelist’s Dream Job
As BP’s director of Olympic strategy, sponsorship and marketing, George Bauernfeind (Indiana) helps top athletes achieve their dreams to compete on the world stage.

Splitting Lanes
The inside story of how Don Jeanes (Texas State) landed the lead role in a Super Bowl commercial that became an instant classic.

Back Down South
Mark Walsh (College of Charleston) and his journey to the “bottom of the world.”

Letting His Lights Shine
Mike Justak (Ball State) is on a mission to get Parkinson’s patients up and moving.


From the Editor
Behind the scenes.

More at
The latest resources and information available at the fraternity’s website.

Readers respond to the fall 2013 issue featuring Bill Courtney (Mississippi) and the Undefeated documentary.

Updates from Lexington
News from the General Fraternity.

Chapter Eternal
Remembering a former congressman and a talented musician.

Chapter News
Dispatches from around the country.

Alumni News

Michael Kimmel’s Guyland tells the [delayed] coming of age story of young men in America. Plus the latest titles by Sigma Nu authors.

Higher Education
MOOCs: legitimate disruptor or passing fad?

Perspectives on Our Past
Grand Historian Bob McCully (San Diego State) chronicles the history, tradition, and heroes that make the Legion of Honor unique.

Division Commander of the Year Jamison Keller (Cal State San Bernardino) reflects on his Sigma Nu story and offers best practices for working with fellow alumni.

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One thought on “The Delta of Sigma Nu – Spring 2014

  1. John Spence Stephens says:

    Please send me a current name & address, tel and email for my Sigma Nu brothers who were active in Zeta Chi Chapter at the University of Houston during the period 1950 – 1970. Thank you.

    John Spence Stephens
    Zeta Chi Chapter
    Pin #: 135

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