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Special Event Request Form

As many know, the General Fraternity offers collegiate chapters the opportunity to request certain one-time exemptions from aspects of the Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines (e.g. exceed the 2:1 guest-to-member ratio). For an exemption to be granted, the General Fraternity requires the chapter to submit a completed Special Event Request Form which is then used to further evaluate the event to determine if an exemption may be possible.

For the past several years, chapters had to print, complete, scan, and then email the Special Event Request Form. The redesigned form is more user-friendly and is now an editable PDF, similar to the PEP Self-Assessment Booklet.

The General Fraternity is pleased to announce that the redesigned Special Event Request Form is now available on the risk reduction section of the website.

Community Service Tracking Sheet

Many chapters have spent a significant amount of time designing and keeping up with community service hours. While keeping up with service hours is essential, the time and energy spent designing an effective method to track service hours can require a serious investment.

This new community service tracking sheet is now available for use in keeping up with all chapter brothers’ community service hours. The only thing that needs to be done is to record the hours whenever a brother has completed the service.

Recruitment Bluebook for Alumni

The General Fraternity has developed the Bluebook for Alumni to guide alumni in their involvement with recruitment and maximize effectiveness in this important process. Understanding that each alumnus will have different needs, this resource is organized to allow each alumnus the chance to customize his approach.

Regardless of background or experience, the information presented shows the best opportunities for alumni to get involved. Each section acts as a step-by-step guide to achieve effective recruitment and advisement from alumni. The topics covered range from forming a recruitment advising committee to creating a recruitment advisement calendar.

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