Becoming A Consultant

I Never Thought…

By Scott Smith (Central Arkansas)

Shekhar and Zach

I never thought I would work for the Fraternity. Sure, I served in multiple officer positions, was involved in other organizations on campus, and even attended Grand Chapter and College of Chapters, but I didn’t initially consider employment with Sigma Nu as a viable option post-graduation.

You might not be surprised to hear that this is a common sentiment among our collegiate members. But why? The vast majority of Sigma Nus would agree that they owe the Fraternity for helping to make them the man they are today and that they have a desire to give back to the organization.

There are many ways to support Sigma Nu that don’t require becoming a full-time paid employee of the organization (volunteering with a collegiate chapter, giving to the Educational Foundation, joining your alumni chapter or local alumni club, to name a few). But those that advance the Fraternity from its Lexington offices will tell you that their lives were changed, even while they were giving back to Sigma Nu. In their own words, they would tell you things like this – I never thought…

  • I would have the opportunity to make an impact on someone else’s fraternity experience and even change their life.
  • I could have a job that I didn’t see as a “job.”
  • My coworkers would become as close as many of my chapter brothers.
  • That working for the Fraternity would prepare me as much for the future as it has.
  • That such an awesome work environment existed.

Start Thinking

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. is hiring enthusiastic leaders to serve as members of our team at the Headquarters Office in Lexington, Va. October 15, 2014 is the priority application deadline for January positions and for early-decision June positions. The Fraternity is now using an “early-decision” model for spring graduates where applications are submitted, interviews conducted, and offers made prior to the start of the spring semester. Additional interviews will only be conducted in the spring if positions remain available following the priority hiring period in the fall. Early decision applicants will have an opportunity to secure employment well in advance of graduation.

Staff Infographic

Positions Available – Learn More

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. is excited to announce openings for entry level staff positions for 2015. Both leadership and expansion and recruitment consultant positions are available. Interested applicants should visit the employment page of the Fraternity’s website,, for more information about openings, the work and life of a General Fraternity consultant, and next steps for applying and interviewing.

Recent and soon-to-be graduates are encouraged to consider employment with the General Fraternity. Consultant positions offer a competitive salary and benefits package as well as opportunities for travel, networking, advancement within the Fraternity, and preparation for jobs in higher education and related fields (e.g. business, law, non-profit work, and graduate school).

Interested applicants graduating after May 2015 are also encouraged to notify the General Fraternity to learn more about potential employment in the 2015-2017 academic years.

Consultant Trunks

Still have questions?

Contact Director of Leadership Development Scott Smith at or at 540.463.1869 extension 350. For testimonials about working for staff, check out previous interviews with past staff members Bill Morosco and Justin Wenger and current Associate Director of Leadership Development Chris Brenton.

2 thoughts on “Becoming A Consultant

  1. Tommy Manly says:

    Wow! This sounds great and an awesome experince. I think I recongize brother Zach Eisimein from when I visited the University of South Carolina. He gave me your of their house and was very friendly. Btw, those Cole Hann driving shoes haven’t been “frat” since 2010. Go Sigma Nu!!

    • Andrew Lindler says:

      Thomas Manly hit the nail on the head.. I had the privilege of being Zach’s pledge brother for four years and couldn’t be happier to see a fellow brother and friend succeed and continue to help out his fraternity in the mean time. Best of luck to you Mr. Eisenman!

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