The Delta of Sigma Nu – Spring 2015

Table of Contents



A Culture Built on Ethics
Software entrepreneur Les Muma (South Florida) is spreading a message of sound business ethics.

Bound by Honor
After announcing a new theme for the biennium, Regent Joe Francis (Oklahoma State) talks about the High Council’s ambitious agenda, including what fraternities must do to remain relevant over the next five years.

Face Your Challenges
How Gamma Chapter’s loss provided the motivation the brothers needed to begin shifting the culture and attitudes in the brotherhood.

Building a Family Tradition
How two brothers from the same family helped build two of California’s most formidable Sigma Nu chapters.

Welcome Home
Beta Tau Chapter cuts the ribbon on a new 24,500-square-foot home that’s built to match their legacy as the first fraternity at North Carolina State.

Second Act
How Gerry Zimmerman (Virginia) parlayed a successful career in sales to writing books about historical fiction.


From the Editor
An introduction to the Spring 2015 issue.

A look back in history.

Updates from Lexington
News from the General Fraternity.

Chapter Eternal
Remembering the legacy of two brothers who devoted their lives to mentoring multiple generations of Sigma Nus.

Edward Forester (Northwestern)
Judge George Hearn (Georgia)

Chapter and Alumni News
Dispatches from around the country.

A new book about Theodore Roosevelt reveals what advice the former president might offer to today’s fraternity men. Plus the latest titles by Sigma Nu authors.

Higher Education
Lack of due process stirs controversy on campus.

Perspectives on Our Past
Grand Historian Bob McCully (San Diego State) explores the mystery of Alpha #4.

Alumnus of the Biennium and Chapter Advisor of the Year Bill Geddy (Georgia Southern) shares the secrets to an effective Alumni Advisory Board.

5 thoughts on “The Delta of Sigma Nu – Spring 2015

  1. Tom Nagle says:

    What is the status of the Gamma Nu chapter?

  2. Richard K. Berry BZ 920 says:

    Where do I find the names of Brothers who have entered the Chapter Eternal since the last edition of The Delta?

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