The Delta of Sigma Nu – Summer 2015

Table of Contents



The Enduring Power of Quality Service
Bill Watson’s success in real estate is a testament to mastering the basics of sound business practices.

Bayou Baker
Pastry chef Dwayne Ingraham (Southern Mississippi) competes on the Hunger Games of
cooking shows.

Taming the Data Beast
How an under-30 startup CEO is using big data to help Fortune 500 companies turn profits.

An Authentic Shave
One startup founder’s quest for an authentic shave and values-driven entrepreneurship.


From the Editor
An introduction to the Summer 2015 issue.

A look back in history, plus updates from the General Fraternity office.

Chapter and Alumni News
Dispatches from around the country.

Book review: Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation, by Neil Howe and William Strauss.

Plus the latest titles by Sigma Nu authors.

Higher Education
Exploring how a school’s prestige influences career trajectory.

Perspectives on Our Past
Grand Historian Bob McCully (San Diego State) chronicles Sigma Nu ties to iconic San Francisco landmarks.

Division Commander Chris Graham (Lamar) reflects on the challenges of advising today’s college students.


3 thoughts on “The Delta of Sigma Nu – Summer 2015

  1. Gary Robinson says:

    How do I download as a .pdf file?

  2. Focusing on the college experience is great, but … I did not see much, on networking, Interviewing skills, Interning, And capitalizing on thousands of alumni.

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