History From The Delta

1965 Prayer Book

The original prayerbook used by Founder James Frank Hopkins while a cadet at VMI.

100 Years Ago…

A Convention Worthy of the Founders

The moral atmosphere of a Sigma Nu convention should possess the very finest quality that selfrespecting, high-thinking men can give it. Such an atmosphere will be in accordance with the purposes and ideals of our founders and true to those splendid principles to which each of us took oath when we adopted the five armed badge as our guiding star.

50 Years Ago…

Two Gifts to the Headquarters

Hardly a day goes by that some member somewhere doesn’t send along or bring some memento or keepsake for the Sigma Nu Museum, Library (both to be completed), or for the current central Headquarters building. The items range from out of print bound copies of The Delta to prized treasures from the Fraternity’s historical past. Among the recent gifts there were two… each with a story to tell, and each highly prized for what it will add in the completion of Sigma Nu’s dream. The first was a crewel-work copy of the Coat of Arms given by Brother Lamar DeuPree (Texas) on behalf of his chapter. The second gift was the original prayerbook used by Founder James Frank Hopkins while a cadet at VMI, presented by Gamma Upsilon Chapter at the University of Arkansas.

25 Years Ago…

Commemorating the Mills Brothers

A plaque soon to be presented at the Center will be inscribed with the names of the five Mills Brothers of Epsilon Omicron Chapter. With it will begin an annual observance marked by a bouquet of five white roses, one for each brother, in commemoration of a great American and Sigma Nu family — who believed in the Life of Love, walked in the Way of Honor, and served in the Light of Truth.

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