We Must Protect this [Fraternity] House!

This video interview with Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank offers lessons for both large and small chapters alike.

For small, struggling chapters: Nothing is out of reach.  Maybe things aren’t going so great right now but there’s nothing preventing you from being the chapter that seems to dominate everything on campus.  Utilize all of your resources, set tangible goals, recruit the right people, make smart decisions and you’ll get there.  If a start-up like Under Armour can take market share from a behemoth like Nike then anything is possible.

And for the large, successful chapters: Maybe you’re the “Nike” on your campus, so to speak.  But just because your performance is untouchable today doesn’t mean it will continue automatically.  Just look at all of the now dormant chapters that previously had manpower well above 100.  Chapters that reject change and renewal (remember the White Rose?) have never fared well.

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